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The Team

The Beginning...

The Team


Andrey: A CTO who has built 100+ person remote teams across 20 countries. He realized AI is going to fundamentally change the software development industry and decided to embrace the change and hop on the transformational journey. 


Ling: AI expert who spent the last 6 years as a regional AI specialist at Microsoft and AWS. While her academic background was in literature and management. She believes technology should help people's lives become more productive, creative, and meaningful. She've been looking for opportunities where AI can provide real benefits.

The Opportunities

The Opportunity

People moving to new way of working post-COVID,

traditional tools are no longer adequate


In the current time, people are adopting the new way of working, more successfully navigating the challenges of being remote. However the vast majority of remote teams are still leaning on tools used for office-centric, largely synchronous workflows.

With no surprise after hundreds of user interviews, accessing organizational libraries or knowledge remain as the top challenge for employees who works remotely. Most of the time require direct communication with owners, hoping they will response. Even commonly, knowledge buried in individual computers or heads, teams can only move forward by scheduling (another) meeting, hindering productivity.

This creates massive opportunity for new tools, technologies, and workflows to move organizations toward more inclusive, asynchronous and employee centric methods.

The Target

The Target

With the new trend of distributed teams set up, the challenge is only going to worsen especially for software teams, while the quality of their work is highly dependent on communication and understanding. 

Accordingly to research, 75% of engineering time is spent on non-coding activities. Ironically, most current AI tools for developers primarily focus on coding assistance, overlooking crucial upstream processes like requirements gathering, collaborative workflows, and cross-functional communication.

We believe that improving these areas should be prioritized before diving into code authoring. However, the transition to remote team setups has further compounded the challenges associated with these critical activities, highlighting the need for innovative solutions tailored to distributed teams.

The Approach

The Approach

A future-ready workspace that puts employees first, fosters seamless knowledge exchange, automates mundane chores with AI, and drives daily productivity.

Screenshot 2024-06-17 at 6.07.16 PM.png

To fit the new way of working, there's a few traits we believe the new tool should be: 

  1. Employee-centric (You first!)

  2. Reduce the time of "copy-pasting"

  3. Reduce the time of "software switching "

  4. Divide big goals into small, actionable steps

  5. Capture your ideas / notes intuitively 

  6. Easy sharing, easy updating

  7. Suitable for any communication style (Verbal/Visual)

  8. Embedded AI in each of the steps

illumi needs you

illumi needs you

Yes, you! If you have ever worked remotely (eh, isn't is everyone?) 

We'd love to learn from your Remote Working Experience! 

Share your remote working experience with us!


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